Why DIY Health is Not the Best Approach

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Five years ago I tried to DIY my own health. Here’s why you should not follow in my footsteps with this.

I used to scour the internet looking at health blogs of people with similar health issues – bloating, SIBO, PMS, anxiety, sleep issues, whatever it was in hopes I could get what I needed from their free content.

I tried everything ALL of them said to try and get myself back on track. But where did that leave me?

Even MORE lost and confused than before. 

I over-consumed, under-consumed, restricted my diet in hopes of it helping to curb my symptoms, and spun myself around in circles with the contradicting information. I wasted a ton of money on tests and supplements that I didn’t need but thought I did, and was left in the same place as when I started.

Why didn’t it work and why did it leave me feeling this way? Because I’m unique. You’re unique. We are all different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to our health and nutrition. 

With the surplus of information in the online world it’s near crippling how time consuming and frustrating it is to try and diagnose yourself, figure out what caused it, know what to do and what steps to take unless you’ve studied it.

Working with a specialized practitioner who has been through it and deeply understands how to navigate your health issues and medical history is the only solid way to make forward momentum in your health journey. 

You and your health do not need to be an experiment.

When in doubt, (if you’re able to) hire out! It can be scary to take the first step but it is so worth it when you start seeing results.

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