What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a science-based, holistic approach which seeks to identify the root causes of symptoms and addresses underlying imbalances so that the client can achieve and maintain optimal health. Rooted in bio-individuality and understanding that every body is unique, all plans and protocols are customized for the client’s current needs and include diet, mindset and lifestyle recommendations in order to promote optimal wellness. This is not a quick fix! True healing takes time and commitment.

What is a root-cause approach?

To start to understand your symptoms at the root, we’ll start with an in-depth interview of your health and lifestyle habits, as well as incoporate functional lab testing to understand the full picture. Through these initial steps, we’ll get some amazingly helpful markers to determine where your body is. My goal is to get the full picture of your health as it is, right now. It’s about more than just the food you eat. We’ll talk nutrition, habits, movement, exercise, sleep, stress-relieving activities and more!

How are your nutrition programs different from others?

I take a bio-individualized, holistic approach with each client I see – there is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to this type of work. I work to restore clients’ health with a food-first approach while we work on bringing all areas of the body back into balance, along with functional lab testing. I believe that food IS medicine, and by eating nutrient-dense whole foods, making lifestyle changes and getting to the root cause of chronic health concerns, we can provide the nutrients and support our bodies are deeply craving to function optimally!

How long before I can expect to reach my health goals?

It all depends on the individual as everyone is very different. I work with clients for a minimum of 4 months. For many clients, 4-6 months is enough time to make long-term progress, but it can take longer depending on the individual which is why I offer my 6-month program, along with options to extend our time together for more chronic health concerns.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not bill insurance directly, but can provide a superbill upon request for you to submit to insurance. In order for me to provide you with a superbill, you need a referral from your primary physician. See more details on this process here.

What is functional lab testing?

Functional lab testing can provide us with a very deep understanding as to why dysfunction in the body is occurring, and is extremely effective in coming up with targeted strategies to restore balance and improve symptoms. Functional testing may include blood, stool, urine, saliva or hair samples (most of which can be completed in the privacy of your home) to provide information about a variety of systems including hormonal, gastrointestinal, metabolic, nutritional, immune, genetic, detoxification, and others.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I offer payment plans on both my 4-month and 6-month programs. The plans essentially splits the cost into 4 or 6 payments depending on which program you choose. The cost of the payment plan starts at $533/month.

How do we meet?

We will meet virtually through my HIPAA compliant client portal called Practice Better.

Virtual Appointments

We will meet through my HIPAA compliant platform called Practice Better where we will have online/video calls via Zoom for our sessions.

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